Discover Veneto - A Paradise of Vineyards and Panoramic Pools

In the northeastern part of Italy lies one of our favourite regions in the country - Veneto.

Veneto is the origin of classic wines such as Amarone, Ripasso and Soave. The region begins at Lake Garda in the west and extends to Venice and the Adriatic to the east. In the north, the region is bounded by the Alps and the exclusive resort of Cortina. The region extends south to Emilia-Romagna.

Considered a wine region, Veneto is highly regarded by many experts - mainly thanks to the different varieties of Amarone and the white Soave.

Amarone - a full-bodied red wine from Valpolicella, is produced just outside Verona. Amarone stands out in that it is extracted entirely or partially from dried grapes, which gives a more concentrated and slightly bitter taste. The method used to make Amarone is called "appassimento" - which is an expensive method which means that the grapes are fermented after which 15% alcohol is added.

East of Valpolicella - which is largely a red wine region - is home to the Italian white wines; Soave. Here, both dry, sweet, and sparkling white wines are produced with flavors of almond, pear and citrus. The Gargana grape dominates and the wines from here keep world class every day of the week. Just like the whole Veneto region.

Ripasso is a lighter red wine made using the fermented shells from the grapes in the Amarone production. The shells are allowed to ferment one more time to make a regular Valpolicella wine. The single most important grape in the Veneto region is undoubtedly Corvina.

Stay in Veneto

Villa Cipriani

One of the finest hotels in Italy. Both the villa and the guest houses offer incredible rooms and the restaurant with the associated American bar makes you stay all night. Orson Welles and Catherine Deneuve have been here.

Via Canova, 298, 31011 Asolo TV

Hotel Villa Michelangelo

A huge mansion-like house with magical views of Berici. The Panorama Pool is a favourite with us when it comes to the morning dip. There are golf courses as well as villages and the restaurant of the hotel is of a high class in the vicinity.

Via Oasi San Bernardo, 8, 95030 Nicolosi CT

Villa Barberina

This villa and what can almost be called a bed and breakfast, is owned by local wine producers who focus on Prosecco. The areas are leafy and relaxing and there is no shortage of local food or wine.

Via Roma, 2, 31049 Valdobbiadene TV

Discover in Veneto

Ca’ Masieri

A really top spot near Vicenza, located in the middle of one of the central parks. Here, world-class meat and game is served and the desserts do not disappoint. Ca 'Masieri also has an adjacent hotel if you are also looking for somewhere to stay.

Via Masieri, 16, 36070 Trissino VI

La Peca

Giorgio Umberto and Umberto Polazzo have designed what is sometimes called the best restaurant in Northern Italy. With two stars for their food, you also supplement with a solid wine list.

Via Alberto Giovanelli, 2, 36045 Lonigo VI


Dopolavoro is located on the private island of Isola delle Rose. The name of the restaurant means “after work” - and as you can imagine, delicious drinks are offered here, a menu with Michelin star from 2016 and a lovely atmosphere.

Isola delle Rose (Sacca Sessola), Laguna di San Marco, 30133 Venezia VE, Italy

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Discover Veneto - A Paradise of Vineyards and Panoramic Pools

In the northeastern part of Italy lies one of our favourite regions in the country - Veneto.