Interview with Annika Hultgren - Artist & Founder of Wall of Art

Annika Hultgren is an artist with a creative soul and with an exceptional eye for beauty and details. She is also founder of Wall of Art, a curated platform for art based in Sweden.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m Annika Hultgren and I’m the CEO and one of the two founders of the art company Wall of Art, a place where passion for art and interiors meets in a curated collection of art prints created by rising artists. 

I’m a creative soul with an eye for beauty and details. I’m an artist myself, trusting my gut feeling 100%. Since the day WOA was born I’ve known that our work is valuable, appreciated and needed, and because of that I always put my whole soul into everything we do. After three years of hard work it’s such a pleasure and gratitude to experience the appreciation from all the creators and customers. It makes me so happy!

Tell us a little more about your work.

I’m the creative leader and responsible for all the marketing and branding of WOA. I manage everything from stylings, collaborations, assortment and, ah You name it! The best feeling is to see the potentials with WOA, how we can expand, how to create new and interesting collaborations and to give the creators even more space for their creativity and feelings.

How did the idea for Wall Of Art come to live?

The idea about Wall of Art came to life in our first common apartment in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm. I have a real passion for interior design and my first mission was to create a big gallery wall in our empty apartment. I experienced some trouble finding unique and affordable art that wasn’t too mainstream. An endless search led to another idea. Nicklas encouraged me to create my own art and dress up the walls. In the end I decided to collect all my artist tools and create some paintings. During that time Nicklas began to think if more people would like to see my art in their homes. Quite quickly we realized that it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to lead the production and marketing on your own. That’s when the idea about Wall of Art was born. 

Me and Nicklas were determined from the beginning that we wanted to create a change. A change for creators and artists, to let them and their passionate souls do what they love. To create. It came naturally for us to form and build a company that focus and promotes new and upcoming artists. A meeting point where the art enthusiasts can purchase curated art without leaving a burning hole in their wallet.

What inspires you when it comes to art?

Abstract forms with a great playful color combination.

Do you see any changes in the art industry due to digitalization?

I believe that digitalization has democratized the art world. In the past, those who knew art or knew where to go bought art. I think e-commerce has increased the interest in art among all people. It has made art more accessible and the range of art has become wider. Today a painting feels like an important part in the interior for everyone. 

Name a person, living or dead that had made an imprint/impact in the art world.

Hilma af Klint. She really was a pioneer for abstract art.

The best artist right now according to you?

Our artist Marta Leyva. She used to work as a translator, but two years ago a friend of hers asked her if she wanted to join a painting activity. That was the case and she immediately fell for the painting. So she continued to paint on her own. People near her and on Instagram started to pay attention to her paintings and today, two years later, she works as a full-time artist. These kinds of stories bring hope and inspire people that everyone can create!

What does the perfect night out look like? (post Covid)

An after work at our office that never ends. A wine glass that leads to a dinner with more and more friends and then we end up singing and dancing for many hours. I also love when me and my friends put together some private party with a sort of theme. I’m a creative person that goes all in for plans and surprises that makes the night more memorable. 

What is your go-to drink?

I think I prefer a beer or a glass of red wine but last week I drank an Amaretto Sour and that’s absolutely a new favorite.

Where do you prefer to buy your clothes? Do you have any favorite brands?

It can be everywhere. I love finding things second hand. The feeling of finding something nice for a good price is the best thing I know. My grandmother was exactly the same so maybe that it’s something in my genes. 

Three key pieces in your wardrobe?

I prefer relaxed and comfortable fitting so I should say high waisted jeans, a hoodie and my silver earrings by Wretlund Studio.

Go visit Wall of Art for more inspiration.

Foto: Jesper Florbrant & August Sandström.

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Interview with Annika Hultgren - Artist & Founder of Wall of Art

Annika Hultgren is an artist with a creative soul and with an exceptional eye for beauty and details. She is also founder of Wall of Art, a curated platform for art based in Sweden.