Marwida x Nord in Unique Collaboration

Sustainable swimwear brand Marwida launches unique designer collection of made-to-order surfboards in collab with Scandinavian surf brand Nord.

A collaboration between two ocean loving brands have resulted in the Made-to-Order Coral Reef Surfboard Collection. The design blends Marwida’s signature style, inspired by the shapes and colors of the coral reefs combined with Nord’s tradition of hand-made craftsmanship, in a modern take of classical surfboard esthetics.

Celebrating an active lifestyle in harmony with the Ocean, this project aims to highlight the importance of maintaining our coral reefs intact.

– Surfing is a very special experience. This close interaction with sea really works as an eyeopener to realize that we shouldn’t take the ocean and its marine life for granted, says John Magnér, CEO of Marwida.

Manufactured by hand, Nord’s state-of-the-art surfboard shaping is reinforced with Marwida’s upcycled ocean plastic fabrics – all in fashion to suit the user’s individual surfing style.

– For wide range of riders and conditions, these boards are designed to last for a long time – in quality, shape and style, says Oskar Lindholm, Co-founder of Nord.

These custom-made surfboards are initially available in two different models in Marwida’s signature coral pattern, in red or yellow.

Orders can be made exclusively at

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