Profile of the Week: Amed Bozan

Meet the winner of this years Kristallen award for "Best Male Actor" Amed Bozan. We talk about his role in the Swedish success series "Kalifat", upcoming projects and his role in the new Beck movie.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you're doing?

Haha this question is always difficult to answer… but my name is Amed Bozan, I grew up in Sollentuna with my family. I'm an actor that graduated from Stockholm Academy of dramatic arts.

How come you chose an acting career?

There are many reasons. Me and my family originally arrived without documentations in Sweden and we later on became residents in the suburbs. This period had a strong impact on me as my big brother suffered heart problems. During my childhood I never got the attention that's important at that age. The fantasy world felt very convenient, where I naturally portrayed myself as the protagonist. So acting hasn't been anything strange for me as I did it all my youth. I often mention an elderly neighbor of mine in my previous interviews, which of whom describes the decline of theatre as sad. He harbors a disgust towards contemporary theatre, as he means it has lost its heart. One day me and some friends were outdoors playing football, we happened to shoot a ball off to his balcony. There were a lot of rumors about him such as that he was an abductor and the whole gang were afraid of him. The football then fell into our hands again, he served us some lemonade. Subsequently that day, he pulled up a theater script. I want to remember that he read the Greek mythology. Some years after that, when I saw Al Pacino for the first time I realized that my old neighbor was acting.

You have been in SVT's hit series Kalifat, how was it that it was to play the main role of Husam?

When I enter new projects, I always have the conceptualization in my mind. It happens naturally that I am living into the character. If I hold a role as a political prisoner, I will naturally adapt to that role. It was a clear recording process behind “Kalifat”, but as in life generally, you can never fully know exactly how the projects will take shape. On the other hand there was a pretty distinctive target, I would look weaker, have a beard.

People who join terrorist organisations such as IS are undergoing a 2 year radicalization process. You need to possess a deeper understanding of human beings. From my side it required a huge research about IS and what a member looks like. I only had 2 months to undergo a huge change unlike the traditional IS member that undergoes a 2 years radicalization process. The leading role as Husam developed a new approach on a physical and mental stage. 

2020 has been an exciting year, where you won the Kristallen Award for Best Actor, how did it feel?

I have to honor our film director Goran Karpenovic, without his effort it wouldn't have been possible. All actors were well prepared before the trip down to Jordania. Goran enabled us our free space to play our characters based on our premises. The good preparations allowed us to enter each other's roles, although of course there were scripts to stick too. A combination of genuine honesty and high ceilings are some of the contributing reasons to the success. 

The Kristallen day was such a blast! Eternally honored to have shared this day with my co-workers Gizem Erdogan and also another worthy winner Aliette Opheim (Kalifat, Björnstad). Later Gizem also won the Kristallen Award for the best women role in a television production. I was aware of the competition but my inner compass valued my chances as high. The television series “Kalifat” is something Sweden has never done before. The whole production did an amazing work which ultimately led to its success.

You are also up to date with a role in Beck. What can we expect as audience?

The expectations should be high, easily one of the best “Beck” series you have ever seen (laughs*). The new edition of “Beck” has a new touch, including newer faces and a fresher approach than the typical “Beck” television series. Then I received the great opportunity to work together with the talented film director Lisa Ohlin. The new “ Beck” television series premieres the 6th November, but my scene isn't available until January- February.

 Who's your favorite actor and why?

During my childhood the focus was on certain actors such as Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Charlie Chaplin but over the years I started to see specific characteristic moves that actors have rather than any certain actor. I can admire Robbie Williams (who unfortunately died abruptly some years ago) and then you have Matthew McConaughey and Daniel Day-Lewis is like wow, now I only mention male actors, but it's these men I naturally associate with.

What do your visions for the future look like?, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2020 has been a tough year, I've been working hard. The year started with“Kalifat '' that had its release in the beginning of the year, followed up by “Missantroperna '' at Folkteatern in Gothenburg a whole viewer success and audience success and got a lot of good criticism. I recently finished a short film with Pella Kågerman, the winner of this year's Guldbagge Award.

I've begun developing my own projects within film and television. On the schedule is an upcoming long film together with Goran Karpentovic, the film director behind “Kalifat”. Other current projects are a television series that’s still secret, a web series where the talented screenwriter Marioan Hosseini is behind the manuscript, he's also behind our upcoming long film with Goran.

During my youth I often had clear visions about which direction I wanted to take. I was like “I'm going to do this, this and that”. Over the years I've got a greater understanding and broadened view on life. I would describe my life and future ambitions as an ongoing 100-metres race, where I need to perform at my very best. So this question “where do i see myself 5 in 5 year question” is a bit irrelevant for me because everything is about here and now.

 Favorite series to follow?

“The Sopranos'' a classic, loved Game of Thrones back. Nowadays I prefer the television series “Gomorrah”, particularly some of the first seasons. To be honest I am more into films than series.

Three garments that are always in your closet?

An easy question, a black t-shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers. Before I used to prefer boots over sneakers, but there have been more sneakers lately.

Where do you prefer to go on holiday?

 It doesn't matter, just a warm place with a beautiful ocean and great food.

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Profile of the Week: Amed Bozan

Meet the winner of this years Kristallen award for "Best Male Actor" Amed Bozan. We talk about his role in the Swedish success series "Kalifat", upcoming projects and his role in the new Beck movie.