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The Friday Cocktail: Daiquiri

This cocktail comes in endless variations, but it all started with this classic one. Served all over the world, but perhaps most associated with Cuba and The Caribbean. Let's mix up this beauty and dream of sandy beaches and tropical nights.

Let us travel back in time to 1896, Cuba. A gentleman named Jennings Cox was at the time working within the mining industry. One hot tropical Caribbean night when he was entertaining some guests the gin ran out. In desperation, Jennings rushed to a nearby marketplace searching for any type of substitute not to ruin the evening.

His choice landed on white rum, which at the time was somewhat of a staple good on the Island. He returned to the party with the rum and mixed up the very first Daiquiri. Well, the drink was initially called rum sour, until Jennings decided it needed a much better name, and named it after a nearby beach; Daiquiri.


4.5 cl white rhum

2 cl lime juice or lemon

0.5 cl sugar syrup

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and stir well to dissolve the sugar, add ice and shake, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. 

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The Friday Cocktail: Sidecar

World War I, London, Paris, and sprinkle some Ritz on top. This week's drink brings back cognac to the table; here is how you make a "Sidecar".

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The Friday Cocktail: Death in the Afternoon

Ernest Hemingway is probably as famous for his drinking as he is for his writing. His favorites were daiquiris and mojitos but today we give you one that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

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Dugges Pils - A Restaurant Designed and Decorated in the Spirit of Beer

Gothenburg-based Dugges Brewery openS Pils - the brand's first restaurant and beer bar whose interior design concept has been developed by the award-winning design studio Staffan Holm Design Studio.

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Restaurant Tips: Daphnes

Most likely you thought like us a couple of days ago, finally spring has sprung. Well perhaps it was too early to draw that conclusion, either way we will cheer us up with the best brunch in town right now.   

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Restaurant Tips: Bistro Arsenalen

One of our all time favorite cities in the world is undoubtedly Paris, sitting in a bistro and eating and drinking well is pure enjoyment. So since we can’t really go to Paris, we will create the same experience in our favorite Stockholm bistro, Bistro Arsenalen.

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Swedens First Cocktail Bar Serving Drinks Without Alcohol

This spring, the cocktail bar IMA opts out of alcohol. At IMA by Oddbird, both classic cocktails and modern creations with Japanese influences are served. The rooftop bar offers an intimate experience for smaller crowds as well as a large outdoor patio.

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Just Another Reason To Love "Fika"

The award-winning bar Tjoget known for their excellent and innovation cocktails have just made "fika" more interesting.

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Restaurant Tips - Valentines Day

Our favorite restaurants for a date night with your loved one at Valentines.

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Restaurant Tips: Sensum

The almost ”hidden” location behind Norra Bantorget makes this place the ultimate inner city get-away. Natural wines, Hamachi and Gin & Tonic´s.

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Restaurant Tips: Faye Emmy

L.U.S at Faye Emmy in Gothenburg has never been better and a brilliant way to cope with the current restrictions limiting restaurants to close at 8pm. We went for a visit and it didn't disappoint.

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Natural Wine – The Conventional Way

The concept of natural wines has seen a surge in popularity in recent times, and we understand why. Let us guide you to our favorite spots for natural wines.

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Rum Tasting With Zacapa at Cane Rum Society

Little did we know about rum but after visiting the newly opened restaurant Cane Rum Society we knew a whole lot more. This was our experience of our first rum tasting with Zacapa.