We took a Chat with Youtuber Lilly Kungs

Youtuber passioned about fashion and vintage. We met up with Lily Kungs to talk trends, life goals and favorite garments in the closet.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Lilly Kungs and I'm a 20 year old Swedish YouTuber. Alongside my social media I’m studying courses within the fields of fashion design at Tillskärarakademin and Marketing.

How did everything start out with your different social media channels where you influenced a lot of young people?

It wasn’t my ambition, but I wanted for a very long time to start up my own YouTube channel, but it wasn’t anything up to date here in Sweden. Subsequently I took a year off in high school and went to the US and progressively started to blog on my YouTube platform. It all began with documenting for myself and my family. My videos showed a surprisingly high interest and later on the views increased. I continued to post on Youtube after my year in the US, but specialized myself into fashion related content primarily focusing on vintage fashion with a sustainable touch.

Why did you take a year off to the US?

I’m a traveling-person so it felt very natural for me to broaden my views. I value alternation, to get new life experiences and insights about life.

You stand out against many peers and feel like a girl who always goes your own way, has it always been that obvious?

I have always followed my own heart when it comes to fashion and my personal development. The way I used to dress back then wasn't really up to par compared to today haha.. but I kept following my own path. At the age of 17 I took a year off and went to high school abroad; maybe something unthinkable for many 17 years olds. The prospect of being without friends and family was a little bit tough. You didn’t know if your friends would be there for you when you return.

By checking your instagram feed you dress in very colorful clothes, where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everywhere, it can be random people on the streets, old movies and advertisements but mostly from Instagram. I find a lot of inspiration from danish influencers since I love their sense of style. There are still fashionable Swedes but generally the Danes are levels ahead of us Swedes.

Describe your personal style?

This question is always very difficult to answer, however I prefer pastel colors and vintage clothing with a touch of modernity. An example of mine is a black suit with a pair of modern sneakers. I 

How do you see your future, what is your dream profession?

I have always wanted to start my own clothing brand. It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. But how would I be able to make it sustainable? And do we really need more companies producing new garments? Since I am all into vintage and second hand it was natural for me to build the company around what I love the most and focus on sustainability. 

Therefore I am so excited to tell you the news that I am launching my own brand, Archive Attire, this week! Archive Attire will be selling preloved pieces of clothing with the purpose of bringing new life to already worn attire. On my website you are going to find the best, handpicked, preloved items focusing on trend and quality. If you like my style, you are hopefully going to love these items! 

Best versus worst fashion trends right now?

My favorite trend right now is these black chunky boots that are visible everywhere. The worst trend, I don't know, if the Acne Studios hats still are trendy I guess that would be my answer. Furthermore the knitted vests that are super popular at the moment. Personally, I think they're cool but when you see everyone wearing them, it automatically loses its value.

3 garments that are always in your wardrobe?

An oversized shirt in a pastel of course. Also cool patterns, a pair of vintage trousers with a straight fit and an oversized blazer.

All pictures by: Axel Mazetti

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We took a Chat with Youtuber Lilly Kungs

Youtuber passioned about fashion and vintage. We met up with Lily Kungs to talk trends, life goals and favorite garments in the closet.