Weekend Tips: Floating at Wetterling Gallery

Lets go down the rabbit hole? Well not quite but the current exhibition Floating at Wetterling Gallery is sure to carry you away into a world of dreams.

Wetterling Gallery located in the heart of Kungsträdgården 3 is a true icon in the world of contemporary art. The Gallery was founded in 1978 by Björn Wetterling and has been introducing Scandinavians to international artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and Frank Stella to name a few. Alongside bringing international art to Sweden the gallery also play a key role in representing Swedish artists to the international arena. 

We got a tour of the current exhibition Floating at Wetterling Gallery by Danish photographer Astrid Kruse Jensen and it was amazing. Floating has been created by using a simple Polaroid camera and the small imperfections caused by using it adds to the mystery of each picture. Rather than overworking a picture in the editing process. Time and space floats away and left are wonderful poetic pictures slightly out of focus as if you were squinting into a bright light. 

We left the exhibition with a sense of calm and comfort and we thought to ourselves that this is exactly what we all need in these difficult times, peace of mind. We highly recommend you all to visit Floating at Wetterling Gallery and don’t forget to also check out their web shop where you can find limited prints from famed artists. 

Read more about Wetterling Gallery and the exhibition Floating here.

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