About WYND

WYND is a destination for fashion and lifestyle. The combination of weekly curated editorials in collaboration with the most important brands, exciting personal portraits of iconic personalities and carefully created guides around travel, products, innovation, food and drink, makes WYND an obvious place for inspiration.

WYND reaches over 400,000 individuals each week through a number of channels. In addition to this site, the market is reached through a digital newsletter twice a week, social channels, a global network of ambassadors and profiles, and through advertising in leading daily press. In addition to this scope, an intimate event is held every Thursday, where the week's outfit is at the center and participating brands, ambassadors, profiles and friends gather.

Behind WYND lies some of Scandinavia's most innovative and reliable profiles with long experience in the clothing and lifestyle industries. We combine backgrounds from Bonnier, Schibstedt, SvD Perfect Guide, Kinnevik, KIT, Egmont, among others.

WYND also collaborates with some of the fashion industry's most prominent profiles, stylists and curators both in Europe and the US. Common to the entire team are entrepreneurial backgrounds, a clear ethical and transparent value base and a passion for fashion and lifestyle.

For more info, or to get in touch with the WYND team, please send us an email at info@thewynd.com.